Why your marketing isn’t working

One of the things about marketing, is that everyone thinks they can do it. Yet so many are NOT doing it or wasting thousands of dollars and not getting results.

Companies treat marketing like a game of pin the tail on the donkey. That’s not how marketing works. That’s how money is wasted, brands are tarnished, and customers are lost.

There are many business owners that do the same things over and over, wasting money, time, and energy.

Is there a way to fix it?

There is. And the answer might surprise you – or maybe not. The question really is, are you prepared to do what you need to do to fix it?

To find out what that is, you’ll have to come along to the Chamber Business After Five on September 29th. Meanwhile, I’m going to share the four key mistakes I see small businesses making with their marketing. Do any of these resonate?

  1. Random acts of marketing

A smidgeon here, a dabble there – a scattergun approach can be toxic to your profits. Yet so many businesses continue to spend money on totally random marketing activities – an unbalanced blend of Facebook ads, Google ads, social media, content, and sponsorships – with no clear plan or policy to follow, and nobody accountable for the process.

  1. Sales-marketing mash (or hash)

While sales and marketing are distinct departments, too often they are thrown into a blender. This creates a hotchpotch of activities which are sure to fail. You might as well throw your money in the blender too, and watch it disappear. Marketing should bring customers into your business, so sales can nail them. Blurring the lines won’t cut it, neither will activities with no due process or strategy.

  1. Digital overdose

Digital marketing is the thing these days, for sure. We live and breathe in a world dominated by net-connected gadgets and devices. Yet many companies brew elaborate online marketing cocktails, forgetting the importance of the human touch. People will always seek connection, in business as in life. That’s why PR, alliance partners and business networking are a vital part of the marketing mix.

  1. The results that got away

Life’s a – well, you know. You go to the best provider (the guy in the unit next door recommended them). You try all the ads and press a lot of buttons. Time goes by and it’s time to measure your success – or otherwise. But how? You haven’t tracked your figures or built them into a manageable assessment framework. It’s all been hit and miss (more miss than hit, apparently). Oh dear.

Are you ready to stop wasting your money on random marketing activities and get serious?

On September 29th I’ll be speaking about marketing strategy at the online Chamber BAF. It’s just $10 to attend – and it could be the best $10 you spend this year. Book your ticket here.

About the author:

Tiz Porreca is a marketing consultant, and director of Amongst Marketing.

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