Chairman’s Chat June 2021

This month at the Chamber, we’re talking about productivity and profitability and using data to drive good decision-making in your business.

With budget season in May and the End of Financial Year in June, our MyCommunity Group members have been sharing their experiences on setting budgets.

Some of the great discussions and takeaways from our groups this month have included:

  • Understanding your objectives.
  • Effective use of resources and forecasting.
  • Managing and measuring your day-to-day priorities.
  • Annual business planning seems like a common practice for many businesses (however five to 10-year plans are also very important).
  • Budgeting – looking through the windscreen, not the rear-view mirror.
  • Besides general budgets, how do you budget for marketing and IT expenses, and what is the basis for your budget on these areas of your business?
  • Succession planning is essential but how do you do it?
  • Getting the ‘aim’ right is vital to execution.

MyCommunity Groups

Our MyCommunity groups, which include MyBoard (for businesses with 1-15 employees), MyEnterprise (15-50 employees) and MyCorporate (for businesses with 50+ Employees), are a benefit of Chamber membership and the lifeblood of our business community.

These groups are a wonderful way to create meaningful and valuable relationships with other Chamber members. If you haven’t applied to join a MyCommunity group yet, make it a priority this month.

Contact [email protected] for more information.

Making data-driven decisions to drive productivity and profitability

At our June Business Breakfast, hosted by QTECX Solutions, we’re talking about how you can ‘Make Data-Driven Decisions’ to support growth in your business.

One of the data sources that you might not be aware of is the Hills Shire Council’s ID Data, which is freely available to all businesses through the website.

Check out the video link below, which tells you about the demographic data you can tap into to plan for your business’s growth and marketing. This data is available in all other council areas too!

Celebrating Women In Business Working Group

On May 31, our working group met to discuss and plan the expansion of our popular Celebrating Women in Business (CWIB) program in 2021.

Thanks to members Anne Kollegger (Ark-Financial), Wendy Minne (Nova Mentis) and Angela McMahon (BOQ Specialist Banking) who have come together with our Chairman to be our initial working group team.

Our first planning meeting was very productive, and we will be releasing information soon about the initiatives the team is planning for the year ahead. The team is open to any ideas and suggestions members may have to contribute to the program. You can submit these via email at [email protected]

The goal of the CWIB program is to encourage and support more participation by women in business and leadership roles and in the Chamber’s programs and activities. CWIB programs are open to men and women. We promote diversity in all our programs, which we know adds richness and value to all members as they learn from and support each other.

I hope you have a productive and profitable month in business!

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