Richard Nassif

Richard Nassif

Project Officer

Richard has over 30 years' experience working as an Owner, Senior Manager, and Business Development Manager for established organisations. He is a highly relational person who enjoys helping organisations achieve outstanding outcomes.

As a Print Specialist and Owner of RN Printing, he has delivered incredible solutions for many diverse industries with the aim of making marketing teams look fabulous while saving them time and money.

Having a passion for growth is the underlining motivator for him reaching greater heights. He has won serveral recognised awards. Growth of Sales, Business Excellence, and Most Valued Team Player for his business network.

Richard’s philosophy in business is ‘keeping the main thing the main thing’ and to not get confused with being efficient over effective especially in light of what really matters most! 

Richard has been an active member of the Hills Chamber since 2012 and a Leader in the MyBoard program during most of that time.




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