Lielette Calleja

Lielette Calleja


We see ourselves as an extension of your business. That’s the simplest explanation of the way we work. Our background in bookkeeping, accounting, systems, payroll and operations means we’ve experienced many of the problems you’re facing. We’ve either experienced them in our own business or we’ve addressed similar challenges with our clients. On the odd occasion we are not familiar with your industry or the way you do things, we make it our business to know your business.

We’ll learn about your business and your industry. We’ll ask you all the necessary questions that help us get an understanding of your business. No matter how small or big you are we will listen. The knowledge we gain will help us identify ways to help improve your processes. Our objective remains to simplify your business life.

In some cases, we may also recommend a piece of software that will best support your business processes.

At All That Counts, we’re all about systems, checklists and processes, it’s something we take a lot of pride in as it means when you come on board as a client, we have you covered 365 days of the year. We spend a lot of time reviewing how we work to make sure we are always being efficient and effective.

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