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John Drury

John Drury - Platinum Partner

I work with business owners to solve 3 key problems:
1. Buy Back a Day - I'll help you find a day a week back into your busy life (over one month extra each year)
2. Take-home not just Turnover - I'll help you make sure your business is profitable
3. Build your dream team - I'll help you get the very best out of your people.

I also have an effective process to assist a business develop a healthy business culture. The process guarantees high buy-in and accountability from the entire team to the new culture.

I also work with high achievers, entrepreneurs and business owners who know there is more. Once you have achieved good levels of success the way forward is not just about working harder, or even smarter. The answer to moving forwards inevitably involves a period of self discovery. I will lead you through a process of learning more about yourself and how you can move beyond your current limits. What's more, I will enable you to do this with a 'whole of life' approach that will increase your capacity to go for your dreams and at the same time build a great lifestyle for your family.

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