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The 2016 Hills Shire Business PSI features a collection of responses from business owners and managers, featuring a total of 186 started responses and 164 completed responses collected in March 2016. These individuals represent various business sizes, locations, and industries across The Hills Shire Council.

83% of participants are business owners with the remaining 17% managers of existing businesses. 48% indicate that they had owned a business prior to the business they now own or manage, and more than half (53%) had been a business owner for 10 years or more.

Just over 2 in 5 (44%) businesses surveyed provide products or services to consumers and 57% provide products or services to businesses, public utilities, or the not-for-profit sectors.

21% of businesses represented were non-employing, 38% were micro businesses (employing 1- 4 employees), 25% were small businesses (5-19 employees), and 17% were medium or large businesses (20+ employees).

Demographically, 71% of participants were male, and nearly all respondents (87%) belonged to Generation X (37-51) or the Baby Boomer generation (52-70). Respondents are extremely educated with nearly 3 in 5 (59%) holding a Bachelor degree or higher qualification (compared to 24% among the Australian population).

Please see the Respondent Characteristics section in the Appendix for a full overview of participants and their role-related and business demographics.


The following outlines the specific indicators that comprise the Conditions, Performance, and Sentiment components of the Business PSI.




**These three questions are calculated in the inverse within the PSI. For example, an increase in the time and cost requirements related to compliance, legislation and regulations is a factor that impedes business growth rather than advances business performance.




The environment in which businesses operate are perceived to be less favourable than their current performance and sentiment towards the future, yielding a total score of -2. Regulatory settings are least favourable and economic conditions, particularly the national economy, and local infrastructure provision also contribute to this score.


Performance is in the improving category, falling slightly below Sentiment towards the future with an average score of 6. Generally, business owners and managers are positive toward their future earnings and see an increase in staffing levels, but are also a rise in business expenses.


While business owners and managers are aware of significant expense and cost forecasts, they are positive regarding their internal profit, cash flow, and revenue forecasts. The sentiment score has the highest average of the three areas, yielding an overall score of 29.


The overall 2016 Hills Shire Business PSI score is 11.

  DOWNLOAD Hills PSI Survey Results 2 – April 2016

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