2016 Focus Group Report

Further to the last PSI survey conducted by McCrindle Research the Sydney Hills Business Chamber supported by the Hills Shire Council conducted a series of PSI Focus Groups.

The last PSI survey resulted in a shift in the PSI Index from the previous minus 2 score to a positive 11 score. Of the three key measures both current Performance and Sentiment (-expectation of future performance) were positive but "Conditions" (business environment) was still negative.

Organised and run by Deputy Chair Nigel Rayner -the focus groups were designed to deep-dive into the "conditions" that were of concern to business.

There were four broad theme's :

  1. The cost of compliance: This included from all levels of government, changing requirements and perceived lack of engagement with business. 
  2. Inadequate Infrastructure: Internet speeds are poor in the region and lack of visibility of when the NBN will be arriving is of major concern. Traffic congestion, inadequate parking, poor public transport causes a significant drain on productivity and increases costs 
  3. Staffing: Issues of costs, finding, hiring, motivating, training, and retaining. Attracting talent with the right skills and overcoming the infrastructure issues required creative solutions that ultimately increased costs. 
  4. Access to accurate Information: The final recurring theme particularly for smaller businesses was the challenge of navigating sources that can provide accurate information. Whether related to local or state government regulation, training, government grants and education services, or general business advice.

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