YoHu: Young and Hungry


Fresh and exciting! Sydney Hills District’s newest youth tribe ‘YoHu’ - ‘Young + Hungry’ provides an incredible network for young individuals (17-30 years) entering the first phase of their professional life. Whether that be leaving school and attending University/TAFE, applying for a full-time role or beginning their own venture. YoHu is here to support YOU!

YoHu believes the future of the Sydney Hills will be led by those who are Young and Hungry. Those with an eagerness and determination to learn and succeed in their own endeavours, whilst connecting with and supporting other young professionals with similar ambitions.

Over the coming months, YoHu will be expanding into the community, seeking engagement from younger individuals (17-30 years) to Connect, Promote, Develop, Amplify.

Upcoming events for YoHu:

  1. Young Entrepreneurs Business Lunch 12th September - Register here
  2. YoHu will be at the Orange Blossom Festival 16th September

To find out how you can join the tribe visit www.yohu.com.au or like us on Facebook


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