Over 170 Attend Norwest SMARTtalks


Over 170 residents and workers attended an open consultation on the future of Norwest at Mulpha’s first community SMARTtalks event at Novotel Norwest in July.

During the evening, Mulpha announced a series of community-building initiatives for Norwest spanning housing (NorwestInnovate), transport (NorwestConnect), education and jobs (NorwestLearn), health and well-being (NorwestAlive), community and culture (NorwestCulture), and environmental sustainability (NorwestEco).

Mulpha Norwest Executive General Manager, Tim Spencer outlined his vision to transform Norwest into a Smart City, and residents and local businesses were able to discuss and provide feedback on all aspects of Norwest planning and community-building initiatives.

Mr Spencer said: “Community participation is at the heart of our vision to create a vibrant, thriving community and a world-leading innovation and economic hub with all the benefits of smart city to ensure an engaged and evolving diverse community.

“This event was a great opportunity for us to talk directly with all stakeholders and start an ongoing conversation about how we ensure Norwest becomes a fantastic place to live, work and play. We plan to hold these events quarterly, with the next event in November this year.

“We recognise that a great community and liveable smart city requires good planning and design, as well as the active involvement of residents, employers and workers.”

If you have further feedback you would like to share, email feedback@norwestcity.com.au.



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