Make 2018 Your Year of Innovation


With quantum physicist Professor Michelle Simmons just named Australian of the Year, the topic of quantum computing is in the spotlight. The curious among us might even begin thinking about what it will mean when quantum computers become a reality.

But some will be way ahead of us.

In April 2017, the CBA announced that it had developed a ‘quantum computer simulator’, because “Quantum computing involves a completely different way of thinking for programmers and analysts. A simulator gives them the chance to work in this new way now, so they are prepared once quantum hardware is available. Through the simulator, quantum computer software can be developed and tested.”

Which I think neatly illustrates why it’s more crucial than ever for business owners and executives to stay abreast of developments in science and technology.

2018 could be a year of significant advances in technology. Advances that have the potential to expand our understanding of life, help us do all manner of things more efficiently, learn faster, and perhaps even live longer. But these same advances are challenging for business – consumer expectations change, and the risk/opportunity of disruption by new business models seems ever increasing.

It’s one of the reasons the Chamber has decided to make innovation and technology a major focus of its activities this year.

Between quantum computing, AI, robotics and nanotechnology, our world is verging on a transformation we can scarcely imagine. Picture a world where monumental amounts of data can be analysed by quantum computers in seconds - producing answers or solutions to problems almost immediately! That alone has the potential to accelerate advances in numerous fields of endeavour.

For business people, it will literally pay to keep up.

With that in mind, the Chamber has some fascinating speakers planned for 2018 business breakfast and business after five events. If you’re not a Chamber member but would like to receive Chamber news and event information, simply register for the newsletter on the Chamber website.

Our next event is a business breakfast on 14 February, hosted by Capital Bluestone. The event will have a focus on innovative development in the Hills District.

First published in the Hills Shire Times, Tuesday 30 January 2018.


About the author: Leonie Seysan is the Chamber's content partner, and director of Article Writers Australia.

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