How hot is your deal?


Are you planning to list a ‘Hot Deal’ for Chamber members on the Chamber website? It’s a great opportunity to promote your business, but there are some guidelines to follow. The guidelines are designed to do two things: boost your chances of getting a response to your offers, and ensure that deals are so hot, members can’t wait to check them out.

Here are the important guidelines:

1.It’s called ‘Hot Deals’ – so make it hot!

2.The deals are for Chamber members only, and your deal should be specific and targeted at members. You should clearly state the value of your offer.

3.As a ‘hot deal’ just for your fellow Chamber members, your deal should have a higher value than existing offers on your website or other advertising. That might be an additional discount, or some genuine added value that non-Chamber members aren’t being offered. We want to feel special!

4.Keep your offer concise – 2-3 lines and 3-4 bullet points only.

5.Don’t bombard us – we recommend offering a hot deal only each quarter, six months, or year.

6.Give us time to notice and react – the term of your hot deal should be 30 days or a calendar month.

Tips for creating your hot deal

Offering a hot deal is an excellent opportunity to build brand awareness, but you want us to remember you for all the right reasons. If a deal is ho-hum, or just doesn’t have genuine value, it can give members a poor impression. Check the value of your offer by:

  • Writing it out and reviewing it before posting. Put yourself in fellow members’ shoes. Would you be tempted to take up the offer, or can members get a similar deal through your competitors? Is the discount or additional value so good that people will want to act immediately?
  • Running it past a few members or asking your MyBoard group members for their thoughts. 

Update your member profile before offering a hot deal

If you haven’t updated your profile on the Chamber website, the business category section might be blank – and you’ll need to complete this before the system will allow you to post a hot deal.

It’s a great idea to ensure your profile is complete and up to date before you post a hot deal anyway, because people who don’t know you well may click through to learn more about your business before following up your offer.

Find out more on the hot deals page.







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