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There are so many advantages of working from home and when your business is thriving, it’s the best feeling in the world. But what do you do when your business is outgrowing your space at home and you don’t want to move to a commercial space? Or maybe the kitchen table is just not working for you anymore and constant distractions are driving you up the wall.

Creating a home office in your backyard might be the right space solution for you and here are 3 reasons why.

1. Adding value to your property

A full commercial lease or a shared commercial space are options you will probably consider when making a decision on how to accommodate your growing business. The problem with renting a commercial space is that money is lost. You can claim the expenses on your tax, of course but there is no return on that investment. Not to mention how expensive it is to lease in Sydney!

A home office studio on your property with a good design and great aesthetics can not only add value to your property but also provide you with extra space later down the track for an entertainment room or retreat.

A backyard studio office should match the architecture of your house and landscape of your back yard.Make sure you avoid designs that look like a large kids cubbyhouse or a cheap shed that sticks out like a sore thumb.It is important to make sure the studio is well designed with measures in place to control temperature (unless you want to build a sauna or an ice room), sufficient natural light as well as space efficiency.Your end result should be somewhere that is a pleasure to work in.

Home office studios can be built relatively fast and carried out as a complying development in many cases avoiding a lengthy and costly DA process.As opposed to renovating your house to accommodate your expanded office, a backyard studio can be built with little disturbance to your business or household.

2. Actually leaving home and going to work

There is something about being able to go to an office – away from home – and then leave work at the end of the day. It helps create a mindset for work. But the stress of the traffic and difficulties in finding a carpark space can take a toll.

Running a business effectively from home is a fine balance.Your productivity is affected if you are constantly distracted by the washing up or you have your family disturbing phone calls. Maybe you are finding that you are needing more space in the house for your growing family and your office is slowly being taken over.

By having a separate space for your home office, you can create clear boundaries for what is your work space and what is your home.This will help you increase your productivity and create closure at the end of each day.

3. Clients, employees and suppliers: first impressions count

Businesses that make a poor first impression probably won’t get a second chance. If you have clients who needs to visit your office, then perhaps having them step around the mess on the floor in your home isn’t necessarily a good idea. But, constantly having to keep a spotless house can be taxing on your time. The other problem might be that you aren’t really that keen on having strangers meet you in your house.

Your professionalism will be instantly increased by separating your work space from home - not to mention the security aspects. A home office studio on your property means you can keep your space neat and tidy. This works not only for clients who need to visit but also suppliers or employees who need to work with you in your office.

Creating a home office studio in your backyard has so many benefits - not only for your business and productivity but also for your family life.

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About the author: Brian Saffy is the Managing Director of Excel Tradeworks. Brian has over 25 years of experience in the building industry providing trade services for commercial office fitouts and residential construction projects.

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