Event Wrap: CEO Lunch (Healthcare)


If you were lucky enough to be invited to the recent CEO Lunch hosted by the Chamber at The Fiddler, I have no doubt you learnt something new and had a laugh or two.

Event sponsor Medibank shared one of their latest innovations in home health care – a trial service allowing cancer patients to have chemo at home, saving the typically stressful trek to hospital.

Both guest speakers were fascinating, and leaders in their fields – orthopaedic surgeon, author and human rights activist Professor Munjed al Muderis, and Professor Michael Nilsson, Neuroscientist, Director of the Centre for Rehab Innovations, and Global Innovation Chair of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Newcastle.

From left: Sonja Palic,  Professor Munjed al Muderis, Mayor Clr Michelle Byrne and Nigel Rayner.

Both were generous in sharing their insights and opinions into the future medicine, and so generous in sharing their personal journeys the average MC would have been left blushing on more than one occasion. But event MC Cynthia Payne (Managing Director, Anchor Excellence) didn’t miss a beat.

We learnt about the latest robotic innovations improving outcomes for amputees around the world, and about the significant impact that stress, noise pollution and our physical environment has on our long-term health.

A panel discussion followed with Mayor Clr Michelle Byrne a welcome addition. Her background in medical research and passion for maintaining a quality environment in the Sydney Hills as our population increases led to a lively discussion. Connections were forged, and ideas began to brew.


From left: Cynthia Payne,  Professor Michael Nilsson, Professor Munjed al Muderis, and Mayor Clr Michelle Byrne.

Add an enjoyable meal and wine in the relaxing environment of The Fiddler, and all was just perfect.






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