Draft Future Transport 2056 Strategy


Would you like to know how our NSW transport infrastructure might develop over the next 40 years, and share your views?

The combination of autonomous vehicles, ‘MaaS’ (Mobility as a Service), increased rideshare options, flexible working conditions, and the ongoing rapid advances in technology will transform the way we travel sooner than you might think.

Feedback is currently being sought on the draft 40-year strategy. The aim is to plan ahead, not just in terms of physical infrastructure, but in terms of social trends and changing consumer expectations.

It’s not the kind of strategy document you’re expecting:

“For the first time Future Transport 2056 Strategy moves away from a printed document rewritten every five years to an online document regularly updated to adapt to our rapidly changing world.”

And in keeping with the times, there are two options for expressing yourself – you can submit a proposal, or you can click the colourful emoticons to share your feelings, make a comment, and answer a few survey questions!

The option to submit feedback and proposals is open until 3 December 2017.


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