Career Mentoring Program Launched in Norwest


Norwest developer Mulpha has launched a career mentoring program as part of its NorwestLearn initiative to help develop the next generation of business leaders and transform Norwest’s thriving knowledge economy into an entrepreneurial economic hub of the future.

The Norwest mentoring program aims to build the Norwest community and connect local business leaders with a new generation of employees and entrepreneurs. Mulpha is calling on Norwest professionals and businesses to offer their most valuable resource, their knowledge and time, to help develop the next generation of business leaders. In return they will benefit from interacting with younger bright minds who may provide useful insights for their own benefit. Applications are now open for both mentors and mentees at

Mentees can come from all walks of life, including students, young graduates and employees, preferably in the 17 to 35 age group. They can expect to meet regularly with their mentors over a six month period to discuss their career development, challenges and bright business ideas.

Mentors are not a resource to solve all a mentees’ problems, but are there to listen and provide guidance on how a mentee can develop their maximum potential.

Mulpha Developments Executive General Manager, Tim Spencer, said the mentoring program is designed to bring together suitable mentors and mentees and provide a structured framework to ensure a sharing of knowledge for both parties.

“Fostering lifelong learning is the key to driving business innovation and creating the vibrant entrepreneurial economy of the future. It all starts with people and this is designed to tap into Norwest’s most valuable resource, the quality of our people,” said Mr Spencer.

“Over time this pilot initiative will include everything from business start-up workshops to professional development programs, all focussed on sharing the knowledge, expertise and most importantly, the entrepreneurial spirit that is so abundant in the Norwest business community.

“Norwest already has the key attributes for an innovative workplace culture as we have a high proportion of university educated people and a growing number of small-to-medium business start-ups, with over 800 great businesses employing over 30,000 people.

“If we can harness that expertise and energy, the future of Norwest as an economic hub is very bright indeed. As a manager and developer, it’s not just about having the physical infrastructure to support the economy and jobs of the future, it’s about creating a social and business culture to drive innovation,” said Mr Spencer.

“A key concern of residents in western Sydney is access to high-skill jobs for them and their children. This initiative will play a part in ensuring Norwest is great place for multi-generations to live, to work and to do business.”

Bev Barnfather, owner and CEO of Ladybird Group, a corporate gift consulting business which has operated in Norwest for the past 8 years, said she had benefited immensely from the mentoring she had received throughout her 40-year business career.

“There was always somebody there for me throughout my business life, and as a result I have gained invaluable experience and an ever-growing professional network, all because people have been so generous with their time and advice. I think it’s every successful business owner’s obligation to give back to the community,” Bev said.

“When I heard Tim Spencer speaking at a Hills Business Chamber lunch about the Norwest Mentoring Program I knew I had to be involved.”

Expressions of Interest are currently being sought from both potential mentors and mentees to join the Norwest Mentoring Program. Expressions of interest close November 30.To find out more, visit

Photo, left to right: Bev Barnfather, Stephanie Dale , Kate Bradfield, Sarah Eltakchi , Tim Spencer , Sue Tsigaros , Stuart Green.


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