4 Tips for Successful Content Marketing


Successful content marketing relies on asking these three key questions:

1. Is it useful?

2. Is it interesting?

3. Does it have a compelling call to action?

The sole purpose of content marketing is to prompt a response to your call to action. But it’s important to realise you must fulfil the criteria of each question to elicit engagement from your target audience. It requires doing your homework, using the appropriate tone for your readers, professional presentation, and a clear, compelling call-to-action.

1. Do your homework

Before you start writing, whether it’s a social media post, a newsletter or a website you need to determine who your audience is. Until you have a clear picture in your mind, how can you know what tone to use, the best way to present your content, or know what social media channels to use? Do you want to appeal to males or females? Are they poor students or childless couples with disposable incomes? How do they spend their spare time and hobbies? Are they social media savvy, and if so are they likely to use Snapchat, Facebook or LinkedIn? Ask yourself who the ideal customer for your product or service would be. Use this information to create a customer profile.

2. Use the appropriate tone

When you have a clear idea of your audience, you can create your style and tone to appeal to them. Content targeted at pensioner is unlikely to appeal to attract the attention of a double income, no kids couple.

3. Presentation

No matter how much research you do, or how spot-on your content is, no-one will read it if it looks like it has been designed by an amateur. Think about how your audience usually digest their content. Is it in a concise frequently asked question format? Short and snappy live Facebook posts or news type articles? Are they likely to download eBooks or listen to podcasts? If you have taken the time to create a customer profile, you’ll already know the answers. Whatever presentation style you undertake, make sure you do it well.

4. Compelling Call-to-Action

All your hard work will amount to nothing if your call to action (CTA) isn’t clear. Whether you want your customer to sign up for a newsletter, call for more information or buy a product online, there needs to be no question about what response you want. A good CTA has a sense of urgency, and makes the customer feel if they don’t act straight away they may miss out. For example: Sign up now and get 50% off for a strictly limited time.

If you are time-poor you may feel your resources are stretched to complete the above steps. Compromising or cutting corners won’t generate the response you intended. Rather than putting in a half-hearted effort, leave it to marketing experts like the team at XDesigns

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About the author: Wendy Goni Mendez is the owner and marketing director at XDesigns Advertising

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