3 Types of TLC Business Owners Need


As a busy manager or business owner, do you ever long for some TLC, especially in those super-busy times? As a service provider, professional or organisational leader, you are often the most time-poor. You are a giver, you love your work and you have high standards.

Consequently for you, TLC goes on the back burner. You might think of TLC as a luxury that is earned. Yet the ‘right time to rest’ rarely happens. The truth is, in order to perform at our best, we all need regular TLC, not just when we’re on our annual holiday.

A simple fix is go and get some exercise or a massage. It's great and helps you cope but is not sufficient to let you expand where you truly want to go.

Every manager and business owner, especially those whose work improves the lives of others, needs TLC in 3 ways, if you want to improve performance, with sustainable energy while making a real contribution to the relationships that matter.

TLC#1: Tender Love and Care

The feeling of being valued, cherished, nurtured. Knowing that you are safe and feeling trust. Mutual respect, reciprocity, sanctuary. It’s the experience you like to offer to and receive from your loved ones. You hope that your clients also get a taste of this when dealing with your company.

  • How well are you doing with this kind of TLC right now? How often do you give TLC to yourself? Are you feeling too depleted to offer any TLC?

TLC#2: Transformational Leadership Coaching

You may be in the business of transforming the lives of others through the services you provide or the things you create. You may be leading change in a place where people are finding it hard to adapt or keep up. You may be struggling with politics and hidden agendas.

  • Are you getting a lot of pushing-back, despite your best efforts? Do you end up frustrated and angry - or even defeated - needing more TLC then ever?
  • Are you starting to get symptoms of anxiety or depression, over-eating, not sleeping or self-medicating more these days?

If any of these are true, it’s time for some TLC of the second kind, to move you from reactive to creative leadership. Then TLC#1 become comes more accessible.

TLC#3: Tough, Loving Conversations

These are essential, in order to release pent-up energy, reignite engagement and passion and move through the fire of truth-telling, to ourselves and others. Letting go of the need to be right and stepping into the freedom and power that arises through clarity, courage, connection and compassion.

In TLC#2 you get plenty of this third kind of TLC!

  • What if you had a safe space to do this, to take a journey with a trusted companion, who will listen deeply, with no judgement, and offer you the TLC that you need, in order let go of the fear and frustration, to reconnect with your own true purpose, to help you get further, faster?
  • What if you could truly create and realise your vision and have all of your key people and many others, fully supporting you?

How do you get these 3 kinds of TLC, all working to your benefit?

I’ve helped many leaders with these challenges and the way forward begins with a conversation. I call this the Getting Further, Faster Insight Session, valued at $495.00.

In this 45-minute conversation I will help you see what is currently stopping you from getting further, faster. You will gain clarity on what’s really important, understand how to maintain focus and have more fun while doing it. You will begin to appreciate how taking care of your own energy can help you take care of everything else, so much more effectively. And if we both feel there might be value in working together with me as your trusted advisor, we will make arrangements to explore that also.

This month you can schedule your session with me absolutely free of charge and with no obligation to proceed further if you don't see value in working with me at this time.

Are you curious about having more TLC and what might be possible for you? Contact me here or call 0418 294535.


About the author: Sue Tsigaros is a business coach and mentor, Director of Iris Group, and SHBC silver support partner.  



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