Tips for end-of-year commercial relocation

Are you relocating your office or store over the December-January period? Andrew Grima from the Coleman Greig commercial property team looks at some common issues that arise during an end-of-year move and has some tips to help you navigate the process.

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SMARTtalk: how city-scale will benefit Norwest

Norwest residents and businesses are invited to an open forum to explore how Norwest will realise its ‘Smart City’ potential, and what economic impact this city-scale development will have on small and large businesses in Norwest. Don't miss this final SMARTtalk for 2019.

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Collecting and Storing Employee Data

Do you collect and store your employees' sensitive data? Coleman Greig Lawyers explain the implications of a recent Fair Work Commission case that involved an employee's refusal to provide fingerprints.

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Are you feeling off-track lately?

Are you sabotaging your success by striving for goals that aren't your own, or aren't well aligned with your values? Sue Tsigaros looks at the importance of context when setting goals that will truly inspire you.

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