Top 5 things to consider when moving your event online

Covid-19 has put a stop to in-person events, and many businesses are finding ways to hold online events. But transitioning to that format can be a challenge. Celia Wouters from Events Outsourced explains the key considerations when moving your events online.

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Update from the Chairman 30 March 2020

An important update from the Sydney Hills Business Chamber chairman, in relation to membership fees and renewals, and how the Chamber may be able to assist you through the coronavirus crisis.

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Employer responsibilities during COVID-19

With coronavirus related restrictions increasing, employers now have a broad range of factors they need to consider to protect employees and maintain business viability. Lisa Qiu from the Coleman Greig employment law team walks through the issues arising for employers at this time.

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Business Performance and Sentiment Survey

The annual Hills Business Performance and Sentiment Index (PSI) survey opened on 1 March, and businesses of all sizes are encouraged to participate. Find out more about the PSI and take the survey!

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Coronavirus: what employers need to know

The Coronavirus outbreak is raising many questions for employers, particularly for those who have employees stranded overseas or in quarantine. Lisa Qiu from the Coleman Greig employment law team has some answers!

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Driving for Business Success

Do you struggle with the sales process in your business? Jake Zarb, General Manager of Mercedes-Benz Castle Hill provides some generous insight into the strategy, process and training behind the sales team at Mercedes-Benz.

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Don’t Winx or you’ll miss this event!

Don't miss our February BAF. Hosted by Mercedes-Benz Castle Hill, the guest speaker is multiple Premiership-winning Sydney horse trainer Chris Waller, the man behind the incomparable mare Winx. He'll be sharing his tips on what it takes to be first past the post. Find out more.

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