Dedicated Foodies: the Couple Behind Kashi

Arun and Sumi, proprietors of Kashi Indian Restaurant in Annangrove, might just be the most dedicated ‘foodies’ in the Hills District. When they’re not at their restaurant, or taking a tour group on a cuisine adventure to India, you’d think a quiet night at home might be in order. But Arun and Sumi dine out once or twice a week – and it’s not, as you might suspect, because they don’t want to cook.

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The Hills Are Alive - with Drones!

Drones. Until recent years they were the realm of the military and the spooks. Now you can buy your own at a major department store or specialty shop near you. Recently, we caught up with new Chamber member Tom Canning of National Drones, to find out how businesses are using drone technology.

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Changes to Outdoor Signage Rules

Do you promote your business on billboards, parked trailers or other outdoor signage? In November 2017 the rules around the type of signage, where you can position it, and the circumstances under which signage requires approval, were changed.

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Marco & Cristian: a networking story

A story of successful networking: Chamber members Marco Levada and Cristian Iconomu met at a Chamber event in 2014 and both have increased their business revenue as a result of the relationship they developed.

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Draft Future Transport 2056 Strategy

Would you like to know how our NSW transport infrastructure might develop over the next 40 years, and share your views? Feedback is currently being sought on the draft 40-year strategy that aims to plan ahead, not just in terms of infrastructure, but in terms of social trends and changing consumer expectations.

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How hot is your deal?

Are you planning to list a ‘Hot Deal’ for Chamber members on the Chamber website? It’s a great opportunity to promote your business, but if your deal just isn't that hot, it can create a poor impression. Here's a guide to ensuring your deal is hot enough.

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Business Grows Like a Tree

In his book Scale, physicist Geoffrey West shows the amazing similarity in the growth patterns of almost everything, from trees and people, to businesses and cities. Here's our take on the growth similarities of trees and businesses.

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The Business Owner's Christmas Checklist

Are you dreading the pre-Christmas rush in your business? Do things turn to chaos in that last week because everything becomes URGENT? With only weeks to go it's time to plan ahead. Amanda from Streamlined Organising has provided a helpful list of things you should start planning now.

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Peter Higgins: on polo, planning and persistence

What does it take to create a business that nets millions in profit, and win a bid to host a world championship sports event? In an SHBC exclusive interview, Mortgage Choice co-founder and owner of the Sydney Polo Club Peter Higgins talked to us about polo, persistence and planning for success.

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