3 Tips for Building a Referral Network

With the Chamber’s first networking event of 2019 coming up, here are a few simple practices you can implement that will help you to build relationships with people you meet and establish a strong referral network over time.

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Chamber AGM and Christmas 2018

The Chamber's Annual General Meeting and Christmas party were held at The Fiddler on 6 December 2018. Check out changes to the Chamber Board and pics from the party.

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Pricing to Profit: 5 factors to consider

So many small business owners undervalue their time and end up earning less per hour for their efforts than they might earn working shifts at McDonalds. Kerrie Sheaves explains the 5 factors to consider when setting your prices.

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Career Mentoring Program Launched in Norwest

Norwest developer Mulpha has launched a career mentoring program as part of its NorwestLearn initiative. Expressions of Interest are currently being sought from both potential mentors and mentees to join the program. Find out more.

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Will the Royal Commission affect the property market?

In the wake of the Royal Commission, lending criteria is tightening, but how will this affect the property market? Maja Podinic, Bill Montgomery, David Stott from Coleman Greig look at the potential impact of tightened lending in the wake of the Royal Commission.

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Event Wrap: CEO Lunch (Healthcare)

If you were lucky enough to be invited to the recent CEO Lunch hosted by the Chamber at The Fiddler, I have no doubt you learnt something new and had a laugh or two. Here's the event wrap!

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The Right Way to Hire Christmas Casuals

Rushing to hire short term casuals for Christmas? Philip van den Heever from Frank Law says employers should do these 6 things first and offers a 'letter of engagement' template employers can use.

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Workplace Harassment Survey Results Alarming

The results of the 2018 survey on sexual harassment in the workplace suggest we're a long way from eliminating the problem. Anna Ford from Coleman Greig lawyers looks at the survey results, and what we can do to improve.

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