Offensive Language in the Workplace

Are profanities in the workplace acceptable always, never, or only in times of deep exasperation? And does swearing in the workplace give an employer grounds to terminate an employee? Shanni Zoeller from Coleman Greig Lawyers answers these questions and more in her latest article.

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Getting your Business Ready for Sale

Hoping to sell your business eventually? These tips from Coleman Greig lawyers will help you plan ahead so you can demonstrate the value of your business to prospective purchasers and achieve an appropriate reward for the assets you've developed.

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What Is Your Biggest Asset?

Need to improve your health, boost your mood and become more productive? Here’s some advice from the team at Castle Hill Medical Centre, ahead of their presentation at the June Business After Five event.

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Connecting At Events Made Simple

The first rule of successful networking: Register for events and turn up! Of course, there’s more to success than that. With over 6 years experience in helping Sydney Hills Business Chamber members to connect with others and grow business networks, Richard Holland shares some valuable networking tips.

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Managing Injured Workers: a case overview

Do you understand the complexities around terminating the employment of an injured worker? Shanni Zoeller from the Coleman Greig employment law team examines a recent case where the employer successfully defended the unfair dismissal claim of an injured worker.

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School-Business Links Conference

Recently Norwest Christian College hosted a School-Business links conference. Over twenty business leaders, owners and managers participated and joined teachers and several students from Years 10 and 12.

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Is Your Payroll Compliant?

Are you a bit complacent with payroll matters? Wendy Blanch, Director of E-payoffice, explores common mistakes made within payroll, and the risks associated with non-compliance.

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Meritless Claims and the Fair Work Act

The breakdown of an employment relationship can often leave a sour taste in both parties' mouths. But to what extent can an employee pursue a claim when it lacks merit, is vexatious, or has been lodged purely to spite the employer? Shanni Zoeller from Coleman Greig provides an overview.

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