Congratulations to our 12 Award Finalists!

Sydney Hills Local Business Awards finalists for 2019 were announced recently and we’re pleased to see 12 Sydney Hills Business Chamber members among them. Find out who so you can congratulate them at the next event!

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Defining Digital Assets

What happens to digital assets when a person dies? Lisa Barca from the Coleman Greig Estates and Succession team looks at the current state of play as our law makers struggle to cover a constantly changing digital environment.

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Why is it so hard to write your own bio profile?

When you’re a small business owner it’s often a challenge to describe to others who you are in the context of your business, especially if you are your business. But in the digital age, the more presence you have online, the easier it is for people to find you and your business. Kerrie Sheaves has some pointers for writing your online profiles.

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Smartlife Lecture: Australia towards 2030

The first Norwest Smartlife Lecture is on 20 February. Geoff Brailey from McCrindle Research, will speak on ‘Australia towards 2030: Demographic, Social and Technological Trends shaping Australia.’ The talk will focus on Norwest as a microcosm of a future Australia. Find out more.

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Comparison sites: do they really offer the best deals?

Time-poor business owners and executives might be tempted to use comparison websites rather than do their own research when it comes to insurance and energy. But do those sites really offer the best deals? Energy Ninja Candice Delac explains why you should do your own research.

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3 Tips for Building a Referral Network

With the Chamber’s first networking event of 2019 coming up, here are a few simple practices you can implement that will help you to build relationships with people you meet and establish a strong referral network over time.

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Chamber AGM and Christmas 2018

The Chamber's Annual General Meeting and Christmas party were held at The Fiddler on 6 December 2018. Check out changes to the Chamber Board and pics from the party.

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Pricing to Profit: 5 factors to consider

So many small business owners undervalue their time and end up earning less per hour for their efforts than they might earn working shifts at McDonalds. Kerrie Sheaves explains the 5 factors to consider when setting your prices.

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Career Mentoring Program Launched in Norwest

Norwest developer Mulpha has launched a career mentoring program as part of its NorwestLearn initiative. Expressions of Interest are currently being sought from both potential mentors and mentees to join the program. Find out more.

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