Hills Business PSI Survey Results Out

The 2018 Hills Business Performance and Sentiment (PSI) Survey has been completed. The survey measures responses related to revenue, expenses, staffing numbers, infrastructure and other factors, to get a feel for how we're doing - and how we're feeling about it!

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How to Burn Your Bridges in Business

Kerrie from Foundational Business Centre cautions that ignoring overdue invoices and failing to communicate with your creditors can damage your small business and reduce referrals from your network. She explains how to manage the situation and keep your reputation intact.

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How to Manage Industrial Action

Is your business prepared for disputes about working conditions? Philip van den Heever from Frank Law explains how to be prepared and shares some practical tips for managing disputes that arise.

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Safeguarding Your Position in Lease Negotiations

Negotiating commercial lease terms? Precise wording is vital. Dean Claughton from Coleman Greig looks at the case of a fruit and vegetable retailer who believed the lease terms prevented competitors from opening in the same centre. It was a costly mistake.

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What is stress doing to your brain?

Louise Hallinan, author of Smart Brain Healthy Brain, explains what happens to our brains when we’re under stress – and shares some of the strategies we can use to reduce the risk to our brain health.

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3 Types of TLC Business Owners Need

Feeling burnt out, or as if you’ve lost your direction? You may be depriving yourself of ‘TLC’ says Sue Tsigaros. It’s common for time poor or stressed business owners to put TLC on the back burner she says, but it’s a vital ingredient if we want to improve our performance and nurture important relationships.

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YoHu: Young and Hungry

Are you 17-30 years of age and looking to extend your professional or business network? Introducing YoHu - networking for the young and hungry in the Hills District of NSW.

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