Collecting and Storing Employee Data

Do you collect and store your employees' sensitive data? Coleman Greig Lawyers explain the implications of a recent Fair Work Commission case that involved an employee's refusal to provide fingerprints.

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Are you feeling off-track lately?

Are you sabotaging your success by striving for goals that aren't your own, or aren't well aligned with your values? Sue Tsigaros looks at the importance of context when setting goals that will truly inspire you.

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Zahrina Robertson: from Norwest to New York

Contemporary artist Zahrina Robertson, who grew up in the Hills, will showcase her work at an exhibition in Norwest on September 4, following a successful exhibition in New York in March which saw a famous Hollywood actress among the buyers.

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University Joint Venture Planned for Norwest

Mulpha is offering an education provider a prime site in the Norwest City centre and will partner with the successful provider to deliver a purpose-built state-of-the-art University building to be known as the Librarium. Find out more.

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