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"Over the past five years, I have learned, that as a chamber member, the real rewards for our business come from being a participant rather than a spectator.

And while donating our money and services to the chamber has some benefits, the greater value to us as a business community comes from contributing something of ourselves. By contributing in this way we are able to pool our individual business experiences and talents into a formidable business resource. And all any business has to do to access this pool of knowledge is to participate.

Inkredible Rebranding has been a support partner of the chamber for many years. At the beginning I thought that it was going to be benevolent relationship, where we contributed and the chamber received. – I could not have been more wrong.

The relationship far from being a one way street has been symbiotic and has delivered tangible benefits to our business that have impacted directly on the bottom line."

  • It has raised our profile within the business community and to prospective clients.
  • It has been a platform that has showcased our business.
  • We have gained direct referrals that have resulted in additional business, the total of which have exceeded our contribution as a platinum support partner.
  • We have been mentored and grown in maturity as a business through this relationship.
  • We are part of something bigger than ourselves.

Wayne Lazarides
Principal - Inkredible Rebranding

"After our first year of membership with Sydney Hills Business we were so impressed with the organisation that we offered to become the legal support partner for the Chamber and we have fulfilled this role since 2009.

The value of our membership are numerous. As a small to medium business based in the greater west of Sydney the Chamber provides a perfect fit for us. It is a fantastic network of highly motivated, energetic and driven business people and is a great forum for likeminded business people to network for a number of different purposes. We have utilised the services of a number of members of the Chamber or obtained recommendations from members of other service providers. We have also experienced a significant and direct increase in business as a result of our involvement with the Chamber. We noticed a number of new clients coming to our firm from very early on in our association with the Chamber.

Our support partnership of the Chamber has been a fantastic way for us to elevate our profile in the Hills District in a very cost effective manner. It enables us to get the message out about our business in a controlled and measured way and helps us establish ourselves as market leaders in our profession. 

We can confidently say that our membership and support partner arrangements with the Chamber have been one of the single most effective ways to raise the profile of our business, develop fantastic network connections and increase our business."

Malcolm Campbell
Director - Dooley and Associate

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