Policy - Business Sustainability

Sydney Hills BUSINESS CHAMBER recognises the need to work towards implementing sustainable business practices in our operations and encourages members to do the same. Sydney Hills BUSINESS CHAMBER endorses the position that sustainable business practices requires the management of present economic, environmental and social needs in a way that does not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Adopted 30 March 2009

Adopted 23rd February 2009

Draft policy circulated and Executive Committee were asked to forward their comments to John Hagerty.

Adopted 2nd February 2009

Executive Committee asked John Hagerty to draft a sustainability policy for the CHAMBER to consider.

Adopted 27th October 2008

Item was discussed at the CHAMBER Executive meeting with John Hagerty advising that the Forum was up and running. CHAMBER Executive advised that the group would need to have been formed and up and running successfully prior to the CHAMBER providing its brand or resources.

Adopted 19th September 2008

John and Leanne Hagerty of Be(etc) Life Coaching, a member of the CHAMBER, approached the Executive to enquire about the CHAMBER’S willingness to participate in a Sustainability Forum, created to provide education and leadership in the area of Sustainable Business Practices in the Sydney Hills

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