Occupational Health & Safety

The CHAMBER promotes a healthy and safe work environment.

The role of the CHAMBER in promoting and maintaining a healthy and safe work environment is to:

  • Review the general measures taken to ensure the health and safety of all members of the CHAMBER;
  • Investigate matters, which the CHAMBER consider to be unsafe, or a risk to health;
  • Keep a record of accidents and hazardous situations; and
  • Assist in the development of a safe working environment and safe systems of work.

The CHAMBER will carry out workplace inspections, investigate matters brought to its attention by management or any member of our personnel, members or visitors report on unsafe acts or condition, report accidents or near misses, investigate major accidents and make suggestions for health and safety improvements.

Work Accidents and Incidents

A work accident or incident is a work-related event which occurs during work times (including our of regular business hours CHAMBER events) and results in injury to persons or damage to property, or which had the potential of causing injury to persons or damage to property. It includes exposure to physical and chemical agents or other types of stressors that may result in illness or disability in the short or long term.

Some incidents, while not directly work-related (e.g., travelling to and from work, lunchtime sport), may lead to a workers' compensation claim. These should be reported under the requirements of this policy. It is essential that the facts relating to such incidents are accurately recorded at the time the incident occurred.

Safety Manager

To assist in developing, maintaining and promoting a healthy and safe work environment the CHAMBER appoints a Safety Manager. To ensure that the CHAMBER’s safety obligations are monitored on an ongoing and regular basis and that there is always someone available to receive reports on safety issues the Safety Manager will normally be a permanent employee of the CHAMBER.

The Safety Manager is the first contact point for all of the CHAMBER’s personnel and members about matters relating to safety in the workplace. If you have a concern about safety or OH&S generally please speak with the Safety Manager. The Safety Manager reports to the Executive Committee of the CHAMBER on a regular basis.

Reporting Accidents and Incidents

All accidents and incidents must be investigated to establish contributory factors so that actions can be identified to prevent a recurrence, and to fulfil the CHAMBER’s statutory OH&S requirements. Reporting incidents provides the CHAMBER with a permanent record of work accidents, which enables them to:

  • Provide the CHAMBER with knowledge of existing hazards which have not been dealt with;
  • Keep detailed records of personal injury;
  • Analyse accident trends; and
  • Initiate preventative measures for groups and work areas most at risk.

What to Report

All accidents and incidents must be reported to the Safety Manager. Some of the categories of accidents and incidents include:

  • Non occupational (eg sporting injuries);
  • Slips/trips/falls;
  • Striking/colliding/grasping (these include cuts from sharp objects and glass etc);
  • Muscle/postural load (e.g., lifting, straining);
  • Flying/moving/falling/exploding objects;
  • Powered object/machine contact;
  • Chemical contact (e.g., spills);
  • Exposure (e.g., radioactive, atmospheric);
  • Illness;
  • Occupational overuse;
  • Fire/thermal;
  • Travel (all travel accidents to/from work and to/from sites including car,motorcycle, bicycle, and public transport);
  • Incident (e.g., near miss, flood, blackout etc);
  • Stress or psychological injuries;
  • Death; and
  • Any other workplace accident or incident.

If you are unsure of whether an incident is reportable, ask the Safety Manager.

Serious accidents and incidents, (whether an injury occurs or not) MUST be reported immediately to the Safety Manager or if they are unavailable to a member of the Committee of the CHAMBER.

The site of a serious accident, incident or dangerous occurrence must not be disturbed or altered prior to investigation, unless the investigator gives permission or it is necessary to rescue a person, prevent further serious damage or secure the area.

How to Report

Complete an Incident Report Form or speak to the Safety Manager or if urgent and the Safety Manager is unavailable any member of the staff or Executive Committee.

Who Investigates

The prime responsibility for initiating incident investigation lies with the Safety Manager. Other employees or Committee Members of the Association maybe involved. Those in the work place, including the immediate Supervisor, should actively determine the cause of all incidents including minor and near-miss incidents.


Any breach of this policy may result in disciplinary action,which may include instant dismissal&the giving up of entitlements upon termination due to gross misconduct for any employees of the CHAMBER and also termination of your membership for members of the CHAMBER.

Proposed 25th May 2009
Accepted 29th June 2009

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