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We are a not for profit business support agency in the north west of the sydney metropolitan area.


As a part of our business we organize a variety of events that are open for members and non-members to attend. These events are often hosted by members of our CHAMBER and are held at premises operated by third parties.

We organize a variety of events including but not limited to formal networking meeting, formal meetings, social activities, dinners, breakfasts, lunches and educational/information sessions. Our CHAMBER invites third parties to host and/or present at the events.


You are eligible to host or present at a function once you have been a financial member of our CHAMBER for at least 6 months and have attended at least 3 functions of a similar type to that which you are applying to host.

You can host/present subsequent events within 6 months if cohosted/ presented with at least 2 other members, within 12 months if hosted/presented with at least one other member and after 24 months if the function was hosted/presented exclusively.

If you wish to host or speak at one of our events you must register via our website including acknowledging your acceptance of these T&Cs. You must complete the expression of interest form accurately and completely.

Upon receipt of the expression of interest form from you we will assess your application. We reserve the right to reject any application to host/present an event in our complete discretion.

If we accept your application your entitlement to host/present an event is dependent on you providing us with all information requested of you by us and paying the stated cost of attendance in full prior to the commencement of the event. The costs to host an event will be provided to you upon submitting your expression of interest.


Event hosting fees are NON refundable upon cancellation inside 30 days notice of the scheduled function, 50% refundable when cancelled within 31 to 60 days notice and 100% refundable with at least 61 days notice.


Our CHAMBER offers (financial) members to host or present at events as one of the benefits of their membership. It is an opportunity for members to show case their business and/or expertise. Our CHAMBER does not pay members to host or present at events.


Your hosting of or presentation at a CHAMBER event is an opportunity to showcase you business and expertise. As a member of our CHAMBER you must ensure that all activities undertaken in hosting and/or presenting are done in a professional, courteous, respectful and lawful manner.

You must ensure that anything done or said by your or your representatives at the event clearly indicates that you are separate to and independent of the CHAMBER. Unless approved prior to the event in writing you are not authorised to speak on behalf of or represent our CHAMBER at the event.

In all activities undertaken as a member of the CHAMBER, but especially when hosting or presenting at an event, you must comply with the rules and regulations of the CHAMBER’s Constitution at all times. The Constitution can be obtained from our website.


CHAMBER events may be recorded digitally in audio, video and still image formats. Our CHAMBER retains the ownership of, and rights to these recordings. You agree and acknowledge that you have no claims, rights or interest in these recordings. We reserve the right to use and reproduce such digital data in newsletters, websites, promotional brochures and any other format deemed appropriate.


To the extent permitted by law, we assume no liability for any loss or damage suffered by you through the registration, payment for or attendance on the event. You accept and assume all liability for all acts undertaking in hosting or presenting at an event. You indemnify and agree to keep indemnified our CHAMBER from any loss or damage arising from your actions or inactions in hosting or presenting at an event.


Issue of Accounts

Upon acceptance of your application to host an event we will issue you with a Tax Invoice for the Hosting Costs.

Payment of Accounts

We require payment of the tax invoice as follows 14 days from the invoice issue date. Or prior to the event, whichever comes first. Payment by cheque, credit card, EFT is accepted. Cheques and money orders must be made payable to "Sydney Hills Business CHAMBER Inc".

Unpaid Accounts

If any of your accounts are unpaid, we may elect to refuse for you to host the event or any further events until all unpaid accounts are paid in full. We may also elect to charge interest on any amount outstanding at the rate prescribed under the Supreme Court Act 1970 (NSW).

Third Parties

You must pay our accounts whether or not, you have a right of indemnity or recovery from a third party, any third party seeks an assessment of any of our accounts and/or we have come to an arrangement with a third party.

Goods and Services Tax

Goods and Services Tax (GST) must be paid at the same time as payment of our fees and non-payment is subject to the same treatment as unpaid accounts.


We retain ownership of all intellectual property in all work carried out by us.


You must provide full and accurate information in all forms provided to us including but not limited to the express of interest forms and any other paperwork we ask you to complete. You must behavior in a professional, courteous and respectful manner at all times whilst hosting an events. We reserve the right to require any person to leave our events at our complete discretion.

Our events are held at premises operated by third parties. You agree to comply with those third parties’ dress requirements when attend our events. If there is no dress code stated by either the premises and/or us you must dress in a neat, tidy and professional manner. We reserve the right to refuse you entry to an event due to your dress.


These T&Cs constitute the entire agreement between us and you as to you hosting an event. Any variation of the T&Cs will only be effective if they are in writing signed by both parties.


The Agreement is subject to the laws of New South Wales and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of New South Wales.


If for any reason any provision of these T&Cs would render the agreement ineffective, void, voidable, illegal or unenforceable, that provision or the relevant part thereof shall, without in any way affecting the validity of the remainder of the agreement, be severable and the agreement shall be read and construed and take effect for all purposes as if that provision or part were not contained herein.


By submitting your expression of interest to host or present at an event form to us and/or making payment to us for hosting an event you are accepting these T&Cs and agree to be bound by them.

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