Experience the MyBoard Program

What is MyBoard?

Access expertise & build a strong referral network

MyBoard is a unique Sydney Hills Business Chamber member program designed to establish closer relationships between small groups of our members from diverse industries. 

The groups meet each fortnight. MyBoard is small team networking with vulnerability and trust. If you do commit to the program, it means you will willingly open your business and your life to the people in your team. In return, you will gain insights and strategies from other business owners and begin to build the type of relationships that generate high quality referrals and sometimes even result in collaborative partnerships or projects. 

Benefits of MyBoard participation

Our Chamber strongly believes in the development of long term relationships among members, as opposed to the type of casual networking with strangers that often proves fruitless. Another aim of the Chamber is to help members grow and improve their businesses. The MyBoard program helps to fulfil both these aims by:

  • Facilitating the development of long term business relationships by providing the opportunity for members to get to know each other better.
  • Providing an opportunity for business owners to gain insight into different business models and industries, the challenges they’ve faced, and the solutions they’ve discovered.
  • Creating an environment that generates quality referrals. As group members get to know each other and gain an understanding of other businesses in the group it enables them to quickly recognise referral opportunities when speaking to others.
  • Bringing together members with diverse experience so that MyBoard members have access to a broad range of expertise.
Your own board of directors

Large enterprises often have a Board of Directors that contribute significant expertise when it comes to making major business decisions and overcoming challenges. Owners of smaller businesses often face their challenges in isolation and with more limited problem solving resources.

MyBoard is not about selling, it is about giving

MyBoard can be as simple as a reassuring nudge to let you know that what you’re thinking is okay, or that perhaps it isn’t such a great idea/decision.

It’s about giving support and giving encouragement to your fellow team members to be the best they can possibly be at what they do.

The connections you will forge with your new found team (soon to be friends), will be by supporting each other with recommendations to your own network of contacts. And, these referrals you receive, or provide, will be refined, very warm and targeted because you know with confidence the ideal client your friend is after. The prospect you receive would have already been pre-emptively encouraged to be your newest client.

In MyBoard, you will join a committed network of open-minded business people who are looking forward to meeting you for an experience which will change the way you think.

The MyBoard program is a privilege available free to members of the Sydney Hills Business Chamber. Teams meet fortnightly, are restricted to one entry per business category and have a maximum of 15 business owners in each team. Meeting time options vary so you can choose a group that meets on a schedule that works best for you.

If you would like to know more about the benefits available to Sydney Hills Business Chamber members, or you're ready to join us today, simply speak to our membership manager Richard on 0409 546 199.

After joining the Chamber you can apply for the MyBoard program and be assigned to a suitable MyBoard team. If you are already a Chamber Member and wish to apply for MyBoard, the application form is available under “Resources” once you are logged in.

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